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i’d written a long, long, post capturing life at the moment, airing out some grievances, and it’d turned into a long therapy session. so i’ll focus on some succinct stuff:

i was sent to an intensive time management workshop at the marriott marguee in times square this week. my evp told me i didn’t necessarily need it, but outside of my good time management at work, i’m ruefully in need of help in the other domains of my life. it’s been really enlightening and i’m crossing my fingers as to its long term effectiveness.

i was elected to vice president of membership for our mentoring committee within big brothers big sisters of nyc last week, and after that 8:30AM-4:30PM workshop, i had an executive board meeting that ran from 7-10PM. torturous, but again, i’m grateful. i’m co-captain on organizing for the agency’s race for the kids fundraiser. it’s kind of a doozy, so i’ll step away from it, absorb it and digest it. that being said, if you’re feeling curious, jolly, and generous, please visit my personal fundraising page =).

i finally submitted my course description for the fall. i tried logging into my student account (as i’ve done for the past 2 years since finishing school) and was denied access! my coworker (who is also teaching in the fall) said that because i’m a professor, i have a new email account! i’m uber stressed about completing the course syllabus, but it will be done.

i had extremely paranoid thoughts predicated on completely illogical reasoning during the past few days. fortunately my gynecologist gave me peace of mind. there is nothing quite like peace of mind. speaking of peace of mind, i’m practicing meditation again lest i allow the crazed atmosphere get to me again.

i’m still at my lowest weight, am more active than ever, and eating so much better since june. every morning i make a smoothie; for lunch, a kale salad with beets, cucumbers, tempeh and olive oil or carrots with hummus throughout the day; and anything goes for dinner. that’s not to say i still have incredibly unhealthy days of just eating chips and drinking coffee. i have to keep working at this. i’ve been making these incredible raw vegan fudge treats which are super delicious (and relatively sinless). i was frustrated when i kept trying to make coconut butter, but realized that the shredded coconut i’d bought wasn’t unsweetened. so i spent $9 USD on a small jar of coconut butter last week, much to my dismay. however, today i bought the unsweetened organic coconut flakes, and with my blender, after 10 minutes and some coconut oil, i made a big tub of coconut butter!!!

enjoying what’s left of the beautiful past two days and working on my course outline. i hope you all have an amazing weekend. =)

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